Beardie Bows

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!


Majik Beardie here again ~ Mom is really busy at the moment ~ something to do with company end of year accounts ~ whatever that is?  So, I have decided to fill in for her today.

In her infinite wisdom Mom decided after my groom on Sunday to take this photo ~ well I ask you what next a Santa hat?

We Beardies are all keeping an eye out for spooks and the like that might need a big barking at to shoo them away ~ we just hope no-one starts setting fireworks off as we are VERY scared of them ~ mind you it is cold and raining here, so that might keep them inside!

Anyway its time for our stroll round the block before it gets too dark (we don't want to bump into any ghosts or ghouls) and then it's Beardie dinner time ~ biscuits and chicken ~ yummy.

See you soon.

Love and Beardie hugs
Majik xxxx


chrissy xx said...

Hope the rain keeps them away from letting off any fireworks and your beardies have a spooky clean night.
Brilliant photo! even if she doesn't look to be enjoying it lol..

Marianne said...

Our beardie is also very afraid of fireworks, but here in Holland, we don't have Halloweenparties. We only have fireworks at newyearseve. Hope you have a quiet night. Love your photo! Hugs,

Jules said...

Tee hee!!

I wonder how many dogs would sit there so perfectly with those on their head?!?!

Yep Santa hat next!!

Don't like the sound of the company year end!!

Have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Jules said...

Hi Bev

Sorry you didn't win the prize on my guess the stamp game. But thanks for taking part.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Love Jules xx