Beardie Bows

Beardie Bows

Hello lovely Beardie People.

I have created this page on my personal Blog so that I can show you all the Beardie Bows that I have available.

The bows are good quality some are German and some are made here in the UK, this is due to the fact that the German supplier will no longer sell to the UK since Brexit.  They may be a little stiff to open and close to start with, but they are long lasting and and sit tightly in the fur.

I have given the bows colour names to try and describe them as accurately as possible, please note that despite several attempts, some of the photos are not entirely representative of the actual colour.

Both the Bow barrettes and the straight barrettes measure approximately 4.5cm, I also have some 3.5cm Bow barrettes, but not in all the colours.

To order the bows you can either send me an email at or send me a message via Messenger on Facebook, I will need Type of Bow (either bow shaped or straight and pattern detail), colour and quantity.

Once I have received your order requirement I will work out how much in total it comes to and send you the payment details.  The preferred payment method will be Paypal.  Payment can also be made by Bank transfer, just message/email me for details.

My Paypal address is and don't forget to send via 'Friends & Family' so I do not incur any unnecessary charges.  Please supply your full name and address with payment.

Black Matt
(58 Bows, 48 Straight Diamond, 21 Straight Bone & 29 Small Bows available) 

Blue Matt 
(15 Bows & 0 Straight available)

Blue Pearlescent 
(like a cornflower blue)
(26 Bows & 20 Straight available)

Brown Matt
(13 Bows & 5 Straight available)

Brown Toffee
(24 Bows & 7 Straight available)

Copper Pearlescent
(14 Bows & 5 Straight available)

Dark Green Matt
(20 Bows & 2 Straight available)

Green Pearlescent
(29 Bows & 10 Straight available)

Hot Pink Matt
(25 bows & 8 straight available)

Mid Green Matt
(14 Bows & 4 Straight available)

Orange Matt
(16 Bows, 5 Straight Diamond, 8 Straight Bones, 9 Straight Paws & 19 Small Bows available)

Burnt Orange
(29 Straight Bones, 27 Straight Paws & 50 Small Bows available)

Peach Pearlescent
(36 Bows & 8 Straight available)

Pink Pearlescent
(17 Bows & 9 Straight available)

Purple Jelly
(21 Bows & 8 Straight available)

Purple Matt
(11 Bows & 1 Straight available)

Red Matt
(6 Bows & 0 Straight available)

Silver Pearlescent
(9 Bows & 16 Straight available)

White Matt
(22 Bows & 21 Straight available)

White Pearlescent
(8              Bows & 17 Straight available)

Yellow Matt 
(like a buttercup yellow)
(11 Bows & 5 Straight available)

Dove Grey
(45 Bows & 22 Straight Bones available)

Clear Glitter
(46 Bows available)

Dark Purple
(50 Bows, 26 Straight Paws & 26 Straight Bones available)

(89 Bows, 8 Straight Bones & 10 Straight Paws available)

Pearly Pink
(46 Bows, 30 Straight Bones & 28 Straight Paws available)

Winter Gold
(51 Bows, 27 Straight Bones & 27 Straight Paws available)

Dark Brown Matt
10 Bows available)

Chocolate Brown (like dark chocolate)
(46 Bows, 25 Straight Bones & 29 Straight Paws available)

Fern Green
(46 Bows available)

Aqua Blue
(38 Bows, 39 Straight Bones, 37 Straight Paws & 19 Small Bows available)

(40 Bows & 30 Straight Bones available)

(46 Bows, 28 Straight Bones & 23 Straight Paws available)

Burnt Pearlescent Red
(26 Bows, 7 Straight Bones & 7 Straight Paws available)

Dark Pink Glitter
(43 Bows available)

Blue Glitter
(30 Bows available)

Rose Pink
(43 Bows, 28 Straight Bones & 30 Straight Paws available)

(50 Bows, 27 Straight Paws & 29 Straight Bones available)

(47 Bows, 30 Straight Bones & 30 Straight Paws available)

Mint Green
(43 Bows, 36 Straight Paws, 40 Straight Bones & 30 Small Bows available)

Pale Pastel Green
(46 Bows, 30 Straight Paws & 28 Straight Bones available)

(46 Bows, 47 Straight Paws, 50 Straight Bones & 50 Small Bows available)

Apple Green
(2 Bows available)

Bottle Green
(24 Straight Paws available)

Peach Matt
(10 Straight Bones, 8 Straight Paws & 27 Small Bows available)

Pale Pink Matt
(29 Straight Bones, 28 Straight Paws & 50 Small Bows available)

The 4.5cm bows and clips cost £1.00 each and the smaller bows are 50p, postage will be £1.95 up to 100g (most orders will be under this weight).  To keep costs down I will use recycled packaging where possible, I am sure people won't mind receiving their bows in a second hand jiffy bag!

All items will be sent via 1st class post, not signed for as I trust you all to be honest 😇 and easier for those who are not at home to sign for packages, most packages will fit through your average letterbox.

I aim to post out within 24 hours.

If any one overseas wishes to order, then just message me and I will see what I can do.

Returns will not be accepted unless the item is faulty in any way, if there are any problems with your order once received, please let me know as soon as possible and I will endeavour to sort it out.

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